Live: The Electric Daisy Carnival Covers MetLife Stadium In Candy And Beats

Avicii at Electric Daisy Carnival. Check out more Electric Daisy photos from Saturday and Sunday.
Electric Daisy Carnival
MetLife Stadium
May 18-20

Better than: Sucking on lollipops without musical accompaniment.

The premise behind festivals like the Electric Daisy Carnival creates an odd situation. By bringing a late-night world that typically exists in hot, dark rooms into the outdoors, the face paint and body glitter covering this dance music subculture's fans become illuminated by the harsh light of day.

The topic of "candy ravers" has become a bit of a cliché when discussing events like EDC, which made its New York debut this year after packing in crowds around the country for more than a decade. I'll do my best not to beat a dead horse, although in fairness the neon-and-sparkle combinations normally worn by people attending megaclubs like Pacha beg to be noticed. The combination of excessive makeup, bright colors, and minimal clothing made the spectacle even more of a sight.

If $10 beers and $20 packs of cigarettes at the "Sundries and Lollipops" stand weren't enough to blow dancers' minds, surefire crowd pleasers like Calvin Harris and Armin van Buuren, delivered via impressive sound systems, sure did the trick. kineticFIELD, which blasted housey electro sounds from the likes of Avicii, Bassnectar, and Fedde le Grand, maintained the largest crowd (judging from a quick fist-in-the-air count), while cosmicMEADOW's dubstep lineup attracted a more sparse, but equally enthusiastic, crowd below the towering rows of empty seats at MetLife Stadium.

On the festival grounds, Insomniac Events' dedication to aesthetic flair didn't go unappreciated. Carnival rides like bumper cars and a spiraling 65 ft. slide thrilled (and perhaps nauseated) ravers sporting bright yellow "roll responsibly" tank tops; in front of the circuitGROUNDS stage, the "Spire of Fire" spat flames in time to trancey beats while Kardashian lookalikes relaxed on Burning Man-inspired "art cars."

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