Matzo Balls And Disco Balls: Pairing Great GoogaMooga's Food And Music Offerings

This weekend Prospect Park will host Great GoogaMooga, a festival that brings together some of New York's best restaurants and musicians from New York (disco technicians Escort; bouncy Brooklyn rockers Fort Lean) and outside the city (Saturday's headlined by the hip-hop polyglots The Roots, while Sunday will be closed out by Daryl Hall & John Oates). How should you plan your day so that your foodstuffs are well matched to the on-stage entertainment? Here's the Sound of the City/Fork in the Road guide to suggested pairings for this weekend.

MAY 19
12:15 p.m.: Fort Lean
"Lean" is a great word for a band name, but not as a descriptor of one's lunch. Perhaps this anthemic Brooklyn band should be paired with the offerings from Dumont, which specializes in thick, juicy burgers. (Here's hoping the bistro will serve up their fried bread-and-butter pickles and donuts, too!)

5:00 p.m.: Holy Ghost!
OK, there's no sonic connection here, but every New Yorker knows that a wild dance party—and the sweaty boozing that goes along with it—should be preceded by a cheesy slice. Hit up South Brooklyn Pizza, which specializes in thin-crusted 'za and chocolate chip cookies.

4:00 p.m.: Unchained, The Mighty Van Halen Tribute
What's almost as inherent badass as rock? Meat pie. From Quebec. With almost as complicated a history as Van Halen, M. Wells might not have a shop at the moment, but its legacy lives on in its tourtiere and other delish delicacies.

6:45 p.m.: The Roots
Jimmy Fallon's house band is known for cramming funk, soul, hip-hop, and all other sorts of music into their sweaty live shows. Pair their high-energy set with a milkshake and a slice of cake from Momofuku Milk Bar, which has been known to serve up alcoholic versions of the ice-creamy beverage.

8:00 p.m. (Extra Mooga): James Murphy (DJ set)
You've been traipsing in the sun all weekend and need a refreshing snack. Try some seasoned, slightly spicy chilled cabbage from Mother-In-Law's Kimchi.

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