The Top 13 Hip-Hop Songs For Summer

Free lunch, fire hydrants on full blast and beach chairs on the sidewalk—yep, the summer's here Need a hand composing a playlist to go along with a hot and lazy day's activities? Just in time for the official start of summer (and today's 90-plus temperatures), SOTC has put together a list of the best songs we like to hear while poolside, seaside, passenger-side, or just sitting in front of a fan watching Do The Right Thing. (No, "Hot In Herre" is not on the list.) Drums, please...

13. Dom Kennedy, "Watermelon Sundae"

Chilling by the pool with ladies in twopieces, Dom's ode to summer in Cali is a new classic even for a New Yorker like me. The weekends start with summer Fridays and end with watermelon sundaes.

12. The Cool Kids, "Swimsuits"

Uptempo and catchy, Mike Rocks and Chuck Inglish invite girls to take a swim with them. Nothing too deep or overthought about this one, just the duo rapping about fly girls in bathing suits and nice weather. Perfect listening as you soak your feet in the pool.

11. French Montana feat. Curren$y, "In The Sun"

This beat is really laid-back, with the sweet vocal sample acting like sprinkles on your ice cream or ice cubes in your lemonade.

10. Raekwon feat Ghostface, Method Man, Capadonna, "Ice Cream"

Yeah, yeah, yeah... it's a song about girls, I know. But everyone knows summer is the best season for girl watching. And if the opening line from Ghost ("Yo honey dip, summertime find jewelry dripping") doesn't convince you, just remember the name of the song.

9. Prodigy feat. Twin Gambino, "Can't Complain"

This is for the thugs swerving through the New York metropolis. Though it's just a song about enjoying classic NYC summer activities like driving around and taking in a game at the Rucker, it still speaks on arbritary policing by the NYPD. We won't let that interfere with the fun, will we?

8. La The Darkman feat. Raekwon, "Spring Water"

Laugh if you want to, but this song should be a BBQ staple. Rae does his usual fly guy slick talk and La more than holds his own. The track, produced by Carlos Broady, captures that warm weather feel. Don't forget to tuck your jewels before you jump in the pool.

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