The 4Knots Music Festival: A Long, Salty Day With The Drums, Archers Of Loaf, Kid Congo Powers, Black Lips, And Jonathan Toubin

Debbie Allen

The crowd had behaved well enough up to this point, incongruous venue notwithstanding, but as soon as the Black Lips showed their faces, the anarchic spirit that follows them took hold. Disdainful of VIP areas, or maybe just excited, the crowd rushed at the flimsy barriers, engaging in a shoving match with security as guitarist Cole Alexander egged them on to "tear down that barrier!" By song two, "Family Tree," security had given up and let the barriers swing open, turning the photo pit into a mosh pit and inadvertently fencing in two small areas on each side where the the less adventurous photographers could retreat. Pissed off, security continued to try to impose order, eventually erecting a new barrier that trapped the craziest people in front and roughing up/tossing out anyone who seemed especially wild. The diminutive Alexander jumped in to try to help the people getting hit but was shoved back onto the stage, at which point everyone started chanting "fuck that shit! Fuck that shit!" Beer sprayed, toilet paper flew, and couples made out amid the chaos. Miraculously, the naughty Southern boys finished their set (granted, an abbreviated one), giving a shout out to DJ Jonathan Toubin and letting us know "rock and roll is still alive!" As if there was any doubt.

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South Street Seaport

19 Fulton St., New York, NY

Category: Music

Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club

89 South St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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no disrespect to the author of the article, but i feel like the confrontation between the security and the audience during the after party was drastically downplayed in the review. i was there and was one of the people getting roughed up by security for trying to have a good time. the audience was a typical black lips crowd with crazy kids rushing to the stage, dancing and jumping. security obviously didn't like that and when the barricade got torn down, it turned into a full on assault of the audience. security was literally beating the people in the front with the barricade, i saw them attempting to punch some guy, as well as some very inappropriate handling of the female members of the audience (myself included). it was incredibly unnecessary for them to  handle the situation that way when no one was getting hurt or doing anything wrong. only when some members of the audience brought the situation to the attention of the black lips themselves did security finally give in and stop fighting. the show was still a great time, but with the way security was treating everyone i don't think i'd ever go back here for a show. 

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