Q&A: A Place To Bury Strangers' Dion Lunadon On Not Being The Loudest Band In New York, But "The Loudest Band In The World"

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In the span of just a few years, A Place to Bury Strangers has experienced a whirlwind of heat, flash and action. APTBS has been dubbed "the loudest band in New York"; they went from being reigning Pitchfork darlings to dwellers of the site's doghouse; and they've weathered countless Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine dead-ringer accusations. All the while, APTBS mastermind/founder Oliver Ackermann has flexed his genius in constructing effect pedals, attaching rad labels to the noise dischargers like "Total Sonic Annihilation" and personally building contraptions for the likes of The Edge and Nine Inch Nails.

The band's new LP Worship (Dead Oceans) takes a killer tilt toward guitar-n-synth disemboweling, with pedal-crushing shards, squawking low-end chunks, billowing and harsh streaks of industrial white-noise shooting off in furious wads. It's propulsive, truly addictive stuff.

Sound of the City spoke to a slightly inebriated and hung-over Dion Lunadon (bass) for a riotous chat about his numerous pedals and the nicknames for his guitars and amps, which took place as he came face-to-face to with dead bats and baby dinosaurs.

Hey Dion, this is Brad here. Abe over at Dead Oceans set us up for an interview at 1:30PM. This is for the Village Voice.

Oh, man.

You alright?

I'm kinda drunk but I'm good. I'm gonna go lay down in the grass.

This is going to be a good interview, then.

Right, yeah. I'm gonna lay down... oh, my god. What the fuck? I just saw a dead bat.

A what?

A dead bat on the ground.

Where are you?

I'm in Nashville.

And you're outside?

Yeah. We're at the Waffle House.

Getting some breakfast?

Yeah, it's like eating breakfast in the toilet. Fuckin' disgusting.

What did you order?

Um, I had the... what'd I have? I had a waffle, I had the sausage and egg sandwich and we got the Triple Hash Brown, Smothered, Covered and Peppered. [Laughs]

Is that the usual tour breakfast?

Yeah, but we kinda went left-field with the hash browns, yeah.

What are you gonna eat for dinner?

Waffle House. I don't know, man. I don't know. My buddy is craving Whole Foods. I had a salad yesterday. We went to this really nice place in Nashville, kinda like a healthy supermarket, and I had a salad and my buddy was just screaming "Yes! Yes!"

Whole Foods sounds too healthy for tour, though.

It sounds good, though, doesn't it?

So you had a bit too much to drink last night?

Yeah, I haven't drunk the whole tour but last night I decided to drink. So, yeah, I hadn't one drop for the whole tour but I kinda felt like it last night so I did. I'm back on the wagon now.

What did you drink?

Whiskey and beer.

How was the gig?

The gig was cool, actually. It was really good. I was kinda excited to play Nashville because we've only played here once before and we have a lot friends here so I kinda felt like I needed to step it up and that's why I drank. I had one shot before I went onstage, which is always good.

But you were able to hold down the bass lines with the one shot?

Oh, yeah, yeah. It's always for the better. There's a fine line. If you have one shot before you go on—for me—it's like perfect because it loosens me up and I'm still totally focused and with it. Any more than that can be a bit dodgy.

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