Q&A: Dom Kennedy On The Yellow Album, Maybach Music Group Rumors, And Funkmaster Flex's Tupac Comments

Over the last few years, hip-hop artists who grew up in the hood but wanted to go beyond clichéd gangsterisms have been on the rise—Kendrick Lamar, Curren$y, A$AP Rocky, Big K.R.I.T. Hailing from Los Angeles's Leimert Park neighborhood is Dom Kennedy, another subscriber to the school of thought that, contrary to popular belief, most people living in cities would rather just cool out poolside—smoke a little, drink a little, converse with the opposite sex. What? Ain't nothing else. Don't believe? Well, you don't have to take just my word for it.

What up Dom? Top o' the morning to ya. What're you up to right now?

Just enjoying this summer and working hard promoting The Yellow Album.

Word. Let's backtrack a bit, though. On "1997," you said you wrote your first rhyme in 1997. When did you start taking it seriously?

Well, in 2008 I started actually putting out material. I had recorded material prior to that over instrumentals and stuff but I had never looked at myself as rapping as a job. In 2007 I started working on 25th Hour.

What were you doing in those ten years?

I was just enjoying life and enjoying myself. I worked at a clothing store. I wasn't any different from most kids. I was a popular kid by nature, but I was pretty regular. There are lots of kids like me to keep the balance between gang shit and just dressing nice and hanging with girls. How am in my music is how I am in real life, so people know its real.

How do you think you avoided the pitfalls of growing up in LA?

I played baseball in Santa Monica to get out of the inner city. My grandma lived there and my older sister went to high school there. I wanted to slow my situation down because things were crazy in my hood. It kind of worked, because being out there, it kept me pretty safe and alive and it gave me a different outlook on life. I played ball every day from the age of five to the age of 16.

Damn, every day?

Every day. I would practice all week, and when we had the games on Saturday I had to wake up at 5:30 a.m. to get to the games on time. That taught me discipline and dedication.

Well, I wasn't disciplined enough so eventually I failed off the team.

What's the reception for The Yellow Album been like?

The reception has been dope. It's like the fruits of my labor materializing. I gave it away because I want the listeners to benefit. It's a piece of art that I worked hard on and I'm proud of. This is a true story: I went outside the other day and I was just walking down the street past some people playing out by their pool. On the dude's iPad he was playing The Yellow Album. He was shocked that I just walked by, but what struck me was when you're in a pool in LA with two cute girls, what else would you be listening to? I know what people don't have and do have. I go places; I see what they're listening to. You chilling with cute girls? What are you listening to that reflects that? Nothing is speaking to that. So I'm filling that void.

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