Q&A: Kindness On Baby DJ Reality Shows, The Democracy of Pop Music And How Easy It Is To Get Him To DJ Your Wedding

Marek Berry
"Kindness is a dick!" How great it would be if that were true, even if just for irony and anthropomorphism's sake? But no, Adam "Kindness" Bainbridge stays true to his vague moniker. A multi-disciplinary artist and longtime DJ who studied photography, Banbridge is just casual about his newfound fame, an attitude which in the past has been misinterpreted as pretension and "caginess." Over the course of an afternoon together, I found him to be a cheeky, guileless young man on the brink of a very exciting career but trying to retain a bit of himself in the process. While the Music Gods don't typically grant clemency, kindness can always help.

How has making your own original music changed you as a DJ?

[long silence] It makes me even less likely to play my own records. It made me appreciate how difficult it is to write the ultimate dance track; the ultimate pop song; the ultimate vocal disco song. These things are so hard to do and they ought to be treasured. I happen to be the most repetitive DJ of all time. I will happily play the same crate of vinyl for the rest of my life. I was DJing a party recently and someone asked to book me for their wedding.

[Laughter] Really? What did you say??

I said yes. I'd done it before and I'll do it again... with pleasure.
At one moment in time I realized it was stupid to not appreciate pop music as the highest and most pleasurable form of songwriting, on many levels. It is sooooo difficult to write a good pop song. It's actually incredibly difficult. It's easier to write a mournful ballad, in my opinion. It was at that point that I think I lost all of my musical inhibitions and decided that if it makes me dance or sing along then I love it and I don't care what it is.

Kindness, "House"

Your video for "House" video really burned up the Internet.

Did it?

It sure seemed to, if Facebook is any indication.

Facebook is no indication of anything. It's actually the worst indication of everything.

[Laughter] Well, it's definitely charming. Did you see a lot of kids for that?

No, Ramon was the only one. We literally just turned on a camera and what you see is him learning to play the drum machine. He was a very quick learner and I think was genuinely surprised that he was playing drums. There's actually quite a lot of videos of kids using MPCs on YouTube if you look.


Yeah. Maybe it's just because this is a more ambidextrous generation because of the video games and everything. I think nerdy mothers and fathers are teaching their kids. It's the new show-pony thing, "Honey, can you recreate DJ Premier on this MPC?"

Oh god, Stage DJ Parents?? That's next level. "Honey, show Daddy how you mix!"

"... in Ableton Live."

[Laughter] Toddlers, Tiaras & Traktor? "You forgot to quantize it! Go to your room!!"

It must exist. It has to.

I'd totally watch that show just to help motivate me to improve my own crap skills. "Can you produce better than a seven-year-old?"

Maybe you shouldn't watch those videos, then.

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