The Top Ten Pinball Bars In New York City

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via Skylark Bar

3. Skylark
Next up on the 5th Ave. pinball bar stumble is this newishly renovated hep hang. A younger crowd gawks at the graphic marvels of the older games this place stocks to match the desired '70s kitschy vibe. An unusually cheap happy hour and "eh" food oil up the fingers for action. And those younger types will stink, so you can get on games quickly.
477 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, 347-227-8196

2. Reciprocal Skates
Technically, this is not a bar (wink wink)—it's a skate shop, and a good one at that. But Reciprocal has become the mecca for the silver-ball set. A rotating lot of 9 or 10 games is kept clean and in brand-new condition by the owner, who brings some of the games in from his personal collection. The space has recently been expanded to include a pinball arcade. A must, if not devised for getting that loopy, beer-fueled, third-ball gear going.
402 E. 11th Street, Manhattan, 212-388-9191

via Satellite Lounge

1. Satellite Lounge
Seven or eight games (pinball only!) shuffle through this bare-bones but not divey Williamsburg hangout. The seven games are usually well-kept and rotated; the background soundtrack is an appropriate mix of '80s mall arcade memories and new indie stuff; and there's a decent beer selection. Oddly, considering that this is one of the more laid back joints in Williamsburg, it's rarely super crowded, so you can usually hop on a game without waiting for Mr. 45-minutes/ball Champion Man hogging up the fun.
143 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, no phone

Thanks to Keith Marlowe, Kristopher Medina, and Seth Porges. Check out other places in NYC to play pinball.

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