Seven (New And Old) Rock Songs That WEMP Should Add To Its Playlist ASAP

In this week's Voice I wrote about the recently flipped 101.9 FM, which—after an abortive effort at being an FM news/talk hybrid—is back to playing commercial "alternative" rock. I listened to a lot of the station's programming during its first seven days on the air, and while I was often pleasantly surprised by the choices of recurrents and the quality/low yarl quotient of the newer songs played I kept thinking that there were songs that could have slotted into the current (and pretty decent!) playlist very easily—or, at the very least, be elegantly swapped out for every third play of the noxiously "funky" likes of Sublime, 311, or the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Seven suggested tracks, both from the new arrivals stack and the recent alt-rock archives, after the jump.

7. MS MR, "Hurricane"

There's a distinctly '90s vibe about the way the vocals were recorded on this moody track by this local duo—they ring out clearly from the gloom, with lead singer (who's the "MS") singing all too plainly of the toxic machinations made by her romance-choked brain. If you played this song within earshot of people who are still mourning the terrestrial-radio loss of WLIR it would be like putting out a nice ripe hunk of cheese for a starving mouse. (Critical bias, to borrow a phrase: I have listened to this song upwards of 15 times in the past 24 hours)

6. Interpol, "Obstacle 1"

Like I said in my piece, if you're playing RHCP's "By The Way" and getting peoples' hopes up with those deep guitars, you might as well throw the slap-bass-averse a bone once in a while and play this track from New York's own Dukes of Dour. Hometown pride, people!

5. Deap Vally, "Gonna Make My Own Money"

This rip-roaring track from this gutter-blues LA duo should satisfy those people jonesing for another White Stripes album and make those people who think the Black Keys are an acceptable substitute think twice.

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