Live: Sweating Out The Summer With EULA, Sleepies, The Kills, Daytona, And Ice Balloons


In Waste Of Paint, our writer/artist team of Jamie Peck and Debbie Allen will review goings-on about town in words and images.

As the second half of August wrings the last drops of sweat from us, it's important to make the most of the time we have left before fall makes us feel like we have to go back to school. To that end, Waste of Paint spent the weekend at three archetypical seasonal entertainments: the sweaty loft show, the grandiose riverside concert, and the friendly beach jam.

Debbie Allen

Friday we hit up Dead Herring in Williamsburg for the record release party of ascendant Brooklyn sludge-punkers Sleepies. But first, opener EULA thrilled me immensely by combining several different sounds in some pleasantly surprising ways. A petite, blonde, bundle of energy, singer/guitarist Alyse Lamb can shriek like Yoko Ono, belt like Screaming Females' Marisa Paternoster, and sing a pentatonic scale like Deerhoof's Satomi Matsuzaki in the course of one song. Despite the sauna-like heat, folks nodded along, and the three-piece set-up produced a punchy, post-punk spareness. I'd call it "art punk," but I don't want to make them sound pretentious: more than anything else, EULA wants you thrash around and have fun.

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The Kills were horrible!!! They are the biggest Poseurs and went on and on forever. Nobody wanted an encore thank god. Bad euro fashion rock. Never heard of Black Bananas but they were definitely the band to see

Janelle 2 Like

Black Bananas were crazy badass amazing!!!!!!!!! The Kills were not bad just super boring comparatively

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