Eight Revolution-Inciting Takeaways From Lupe Fiasco's Album Listening Session

5. Lupe Has Made A Rappity Rap Masterpiece
The album will be evenly split between songs based around concepts and songs that, as Lupe put it, are just straight up "rappity rap rap" songs. The latter includes "Form Follows Function," which he declared a "masterpiece" and features him rhyming over a groove that a little disconcertingly veers towards the smooth jazz side. The song also includes Lupe confessing how he's "been in a stew all day cooking food for thought"—a process that he flipped into "sushi for the soul." (We're not in Bronson territory here, chowhounds.)

6. There's A "Strange Fruit" Tribute
The opening song on the album, "Strange Fruition," is intended as a tribute to Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit." Over a beat produced by Soundtrakk, who crafted "Kick, Push," the track opens with a sampled quote from James Balwdin and has Lupe declaring "I can't pledge allegiance to your flag/ 'Cause I can't find no reconciliation with your past."

7. The Album Features No Guest Artists
Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Part One will be a totally guest-free experience. But it's a situation that happened by circumstance, not design. As Lupe explained, there was simply no one else around in the studio while he was recording it: "Blu was asleep, Kendrick Lamar's in Asia."

8. It Will Be Lupe's Third-Last Album
After this project drops, Lupe will release The Great American Rap Album Part Two and a final contractual obligation to Atlantic Records that is titled Skulls (and which is already 80% completed). After that, he will fulfill his long-running dream of becoming a traveling troubadour and "leap into straight artist-hood."

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