Meet The A$AP Mob: Talking To Ant, Ferg, J. Scott, Nast, Twelvy, And Yams

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Q&A: A$AP Nast

A mischeivious chipped-tooth grin is already somewhat of a trademark for the Harlem collective. The cracked tooth belongs to Nast, one of the crew's original members. New York Nast (as he's referred to sometimes) has always known that music was going to be his way out of the harsh streets of Harlem. Now that his visions of feeding his family off his rhymes are becoming a reality, Nast has lots to say about his life pre A$AP as well as post A$AP.

What up, Nast? Tell the people a bit about yourself.

My name is A$AP Nast. I'm from Harlem—116th and Morningside Avenue to be exact. I'm as Harlem as it gets. We're just trying to showcase that New York, Harlem culture.

It was hard trying to get a hold of you? What's keeping you so busy?

Well, we just finished up the A$AP Mob joint, so that took some time. But right now all creative energy is being put toward Rocky's album, so I've just been in the studio with him helping any way I can.

So the order is going to be the A$AP Mob mixtape, Rocky's debut and then...

Ferg is next on deck. He has a new video out, "Work," that's crazy.

Do you guys ever fight amongst yourselves about who is going to be next up or who gets what beat, etc?

Nah nah, not at all. This may sound crazy or like exaggerated but we never fight. For real. We're all pitching in to help Rocky with his album because he's the most visible crew member. There's no jealousy, though. We're glad that he's kicking down the door for the rest of us to come in and shine off our own shit.

That's admirable. Is it because you've all been friends prior to the music?

Probably. I met most of the crew just being around in Harlem. We all kicked before the music even came about for the most part.

Tell me about yourself in high school.

I went to Martin Luther King High School. I'm a dropout, but that's because I always knew what it was I wanted to do. I always knew it would be related to music. So yeah, I'd to take this time out to say "Fuck You!" to all the haters and doubters. Not to say you should drop out, necessarily, but I just knew school didn't fit with what I wanted to do.

What were you doing after you dropped out and before you joined A$AP?

Working here and there. I used to work at [sneaker store on 125th] Atmos. I met a lot of cool people working there. I eventually fucked around and got fired, but it was fun while it lasted.

It seems a lot of dudes in A$AP have multiple hustles. Do you have any side projects going on?

Yeah, but it all has to do with music. I'm just focusing on music right now. I'm into art and fashion but I want to get this music thing right first and then later in my career I'll probably expand into fields like fashion and maybe art.

You guys get compared to Wu-Tang Clan fairly often. How do you feel about that?

Oh man, it's an honor. I grew up listening to those dudes. For us to be fresh out the gate and people are already making those comparisons feels great. I kinda wish they would let us be us before comparing us to people, but I can't be too mad if we're getting compared to the greats.

True. So if you had to pick a Wu member that represented you within A$AP which member would it be?

I want to say Ghostface. He's just one of the more consistent and relevant. I mean they're all relevant, but Ghost is just always putting out new stuff. I want to say Ghostface, but I'm going to go with Ol' Dirty Bastard. He just stood out so much. His style was so distinct. He stood out the most to me from the rest of the Clan.

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