Meet The A$AP Mob: Talking To Ant, Ferg, J. Scott, Nast, Twelvy, And Yams

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Q&A: A$AP Twelvy

A$AP Twelvy is as New York as it gets. Carving out a niche of New York from Harlem to Castle Hill, he earned a rep as a bit of a problem child. When an incident a few years ago made him take a good look at the direction he was heading he decided to calm things down. Music became his outlet, and before he knew it he was next to Yams as the original A$AP Mobster. Now touring the internationally with his A$AP brethren Twelvy is two twelving with the world.

How did you get the name Twelvy? What does Twelvy mean?

Well, it stems from 212 the area code in Manhattan; you know I'm from Harlem. Also, 212 is a Blood term for conversation. Like 'Let me two twelve with you..." Jim Jones was always saying that. So it means holler at me if you see me. Pick up on some game.

How'd you link up with A$AP?

Yams started A$AP technically and I was the first member that was recruited. This was the end of 2005 early 2006. He posted some shit on his MySpace page about putting together a crew of young New York dudes. In 2008 I met Rocky in the street. I had a little bachelor pad and Rocky came though with some hoes to kick it. We just clicked from there. We didn't even talk about music; it was all brotherly love. That's how it was with all of A$AP.

How did music come about then?

We loved music. When we weren't working or selling drugs or bullshitting we was writing rhymes in Rocky's house.

How has this last year been? How has your life changed?

Last year I was working at Best Buy. There's the 24-hour one on Union Square, I'd be there all night. It's funny because I met some people in [Best Buy] that I met later, like they were shopping there. Usually they don't remember me, though, from that.

What's your position within A$AP?

I'm just like that young big homie. I'm in the middle as far as age so I can relate to everyone. We just help each, I hold shit down for my brothers. All they have to do is holler at me. When we're out the country it's me, Chace, Rocky, Yams and J. Scott. But if it's in the States we bring the whole mob out.

What other young New York rap crews are you admiring?

Flatbush Zombies, definitely my dude Joey Badass. Bodega Bamz. There's World's Fair, those are the homies. My big bro Smoke Dza definitely...

I ask all New York rappers this next question. Where'd you go to high school?

I went to two high schools. I first went to Martin Luther High School, but I got kicked out. Then I went to Lehman High School over there by East Tremont. You'll probably never meet someone who went there, but if you did and asked about [me] they'd be like, "Yo, that kid was a problem." And not in the rapping sense...

Funny you mention that because I was going to ask about the rep you guys have somewhat for fighting and beating people up here and there at venues.

I wasn't even at the Fader thing. If it's business, I know not to act out. I may tell you to come outside. Like that Raider Clan shit that happened in the street.

You're wearing Air Force Ones. Some people, myself definitely not included, would say that remnants of old New York like Uptowns and 40 belows and snorkels are played out. Care to comment?

My step pops, my uncles I seen them wear Uptowns so I just... I remember the ones that have the "NYC" on the back. I'm a young man with an old soul, you see me [points at t-shirt pocket] wearing Carhartt. I wear my Timbs regular. We just learned from the OGs, and that's what they always wore.

What would you say your sound is like within A$AP?

Well my sound personally is that dirty New York shit. Like Mobb Deep, Onyx shit. I like that shit. Like I listen to bars for real. My favorite rapper is Stack Bundles. A motherfucker will look at me like, "Why him?" But there was a time when everyone was on some real "Hip Hop is dead" type shit and there was a dead space in music. The way he was spitting and had that swag. To me, he was supposed to be next, but...

If you were a member of Wu-Tang Clan which one would you be?

Ghostface Killah. He's just got wild swag. I mean [Method Man's] got swag, but Ghostface will come through in a robe and doo rag with a bandana.

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