Meet The A$AP Mob: Talking To Ant, Ferg, J. Scott, Nast, Twelvy, And Yams

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Q&A: A$AP J. Scott

A$AP J. Scott is standing on the corner near of Rivington and Suffolk Street in the Lower East Side awaiting some fellow Mob members. The streets are teeming with young people and a fair share of them stop to talk with J. Scott, whose gold veneers sparkle in the streetlights when he responds. He was already a man about town, but having spent the last year being A$AP Rocky's tour DJ the Atlanta native has all sorts of well-wishers and naysayers in his face now. Aside from the tremendous wave A$AP Mob is riding, J. Scott is also seeing his friend and artist Kilo Kish blow up. Couple that with his other projects and you've got the makings of a mogul, albeit a creative one.

So are you from Harlem like the other guys?

No, I'm originally from Atlanta. I came to New York to get away from Atlanta and to be somewhere that could keep up with my work ethic. I always felt like there's a lot of work that can get accomplished in New York. Everything and everybody is always moving and trying to prosper.

How'd you meet Rocky and the rest of the Mob?

I linked up with A$AP years ago when I moved up to New York for the second time. Yams and me been homies for a long while. I slowly met everyone else over time.

A$AP movement grew by leaps and bounds within the last twelve months. What have been some of the highs and lows?

The highs are being able to help friends out on the ground level. Just to witness the growth and being able to see so many new places and cultures together all over the world is an experience like no other. The lows, though, have to be all the weird people coming out of nowhere that think they know you so they're all up in your face talking about bullshit.

What do you do when you're not DJing for Rocky and the Mob on tour?

Well, within A$AP I don't just DJ. I help with artist management and I want to get more into the A&R side of things with [A$AP] projects.

What do you do outside of A$AP though?

Lots of things. I'm co-founder of, which began as a brand/site before Tumblr was popular. Me and my fam Sheed started it back in Atlanta. It's a collective of thoughts that began as like an inside joke of pics, videos and .gifs we kind of posted for our own humor amongst each other and the word just kept spreading. We've done very rare merch pieces for the site. It has stepped into the realm of being something of an agency. It's a like cult community the way we post and tag and execute things. There's a lot more harmful fun coming from INAT, too.

I also help with Ballers' Eve. That's where I really began DJing through. It's a radio show on East Village Radio that's been around around for eight years. DJ Dirrty, Kaddy Daddy Slim and Minski Walker are all from Atlanta also but have been living in NY for years. Ballers' Eve is two hours every week of just trill, crunk, turnt up, southern comfort music for us and the listeners. Every trill rapper you can think of as been through there, for sure.

And last but definitely not least, I've managed Kilo Kish from day one. She is a really close friend of mine., I began helping her when me, her, and [her bandmate/Ballers Eve/Imnotatoy family] Smash Simmons were all living together. A lot of big things are about to happen with Kish. It's been really exciting to see how people are organically gravitating toward her. The songwriting I have heard from her, there's really nothing comparable. She's in her own lane.

Mostly I'lI balance her work and the DJ/road work right now. It can get hectic for me. Haha.

You don't smoke weed. How do you feel about people who say A$AP makes "drug music"?

I feel that there is a certain feel to the music because of some of the production and lyrics at times, but I don't see it as "drug music." It's overall hyped-up music but has smooth undertones that mellow you out andl that you can smoke and vibe to, you know? I'm really obsessed with DJ Screw and the chopped and screwed genres he pioneered and I've never been high or on lean, but regardless the music just puts me in a certain zone.

You guys draw a lot of comparisons to Wu-Tang. Which Clan member best represents you within A$AP?

Although I would love to be Ghostface, I'm probably more like GZA. I say that because he was the spiritual one. Haha...

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