Meet The A$AP Mob: Talking To Ant, Ferg, J. Scott, Nast, Twelvy, And Yams

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Q&A: A$AP Ant

Talk about getting a jump on the competition. A$AP Ant has been developing his own movement before he was a freshman in high school. With an established clothing brand already the result of his prepubescent grind, he's adding rapper to his repertoire. Joining the ranks of A$AP as one of two non New Yorkers was a major step for the youngster. He's never been one to shy away from stomping on new ground. Just check the long lists of collaborative work he's got in the works.

First off, how did you get the nickname Ant and Addie?

Ant is short for Ant Man. That was what my pops' nickname for me was. He called me Ant Man since I was crawling around the floor as a baby. It just stuck with me for life. Then girls kinda started the Addie thing. I started to call myself that on social network sites and people just ran with it.

How did you link up with the A$AP Mob?

I knew Yams for a minute just through social sites. I officially met him at a party for my fashion line Marino Good. That was me and my partner's brand. So I met him at this party and we talked about making moves together. And we did. As a matter of fact, Rocky is wearing the Ganja tee from Marino Good in the "Peso" video. Then I met Nast at some Fashion's Night Out party, and from there I just started meeting all of the crew.

Where are you from?

I'm from Baltimore. I spend a lot of time in New York, though. I'm mostly in BMore but I'm back and forth a lot. Me and J. Scott are not the only ones not from Harlem.

What do you bring to the A$AP table?

Hard to answer, because I don't like putting myself in a box. I like to expand my talents. I don't like being in only one situation. So I think I bring something new every time. Like say for instance, me Juice [of Flatbush Zombies] and Remy Banks are coming out with an EP soon. "36 Flip" was the single for that project. That will get the A$AP name to a different audience.

How's it feel working with other young New York rappers?

The work with Flatbush Zombies, it's a good feeling working with them because it was a friendship first. It ain't like rappers collaborating. It's more genuine. And I love the fact that they're starting to blow up. Makes us all stronger.

What do you have featured on the A$AP Mob joint?

I have a few old songs like "Coke and White Bitches" plus the remix. I think there's only one new song of mine on there. It's all good though,everyone gets to shine. Plus I've been working on my tape and the colab with Juice and Remy. Also me and Young Shaka have a project coming out called "Back to Back."

Do you have a name for that project?

Um, sort of. We were gonna call ourselves "Jeff Hamilton," like the team leather jackets with all the team logos patches all over them. Because we're like that jacket in that all these cities are coming together.

How do you feel about the response you're getting around the world?

Well, I haven't left the country yet. I have some legal trouble at the moment. When that's cleared up I'm tryna be out there. The whole mob is going be out overseas very soon. In the meantime, the love from certain cities has been amazing.

A lot of people are saying you guys are too rowdy. Care to comment?

We don't give a fuck about what people say usually, but that does scare away business ventures. You could lose possible endorsements like that. People seeing us jumping in the crowd, fighting... that will scare people away. People love rappers but they're scared of us too. So it's like, we just gotta be smart. We're getting older. It ain't like our moms can come get us at the precinct anymore or the shit gets expunged from out records.

A$AP gets compared to Wu-Tang Clan. If you were a member of Wu-Tang, which would you be?

Raekwon, definitely Raekwon. I say that because I love Rae. I love the coke references, the stylish persona. The ill Polo pieces. They were the first to do Cristal, the ill iced-out medallions... just swag.

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