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Q&A: A$AP Ferg

A$AP Ferg, "Work"

Hear it here first: Ferg is going to be a star. His understanding of the culture he has chosen to delve into is thorough. That's why every little item in his visuals is calculated and symbolic of an aspect of his life. Culture, now referred to as lifestyle usually, is what propels consumers to want to identify and in turn support something, a fact not at all lost on Ferg.
Having a legit hustle was instilled in him at a young age. His dad, Darold Ferguson, kept him in the company of some of Harlem's biggest legends both legal and illegal. Young Ferg the Trap Lord drew from all of that and became the guy shouting out deceased pop princess Selena with Versace robes and 40 Belows.

Sup Ferg. New York is in the building. Holla at the people and tell them about a little place you come from?

143rd and Amsterdam. Harlem. Born in Harlem Hospital. And I'm about documenting my culture. I want people to see our culture. Because New York City culture wasn't being documented. There were a bunch of young kids who were doing fly shit and starting trends and people were swagger jacking. So I thought "Fuck just me. I wanna show EVERYBODY!"

Where'd you got to high school?

I went to Art and Design High School.

So you were a visual artist first?

I consider myself an all around artist. I feel artistically inclined not only because of art and design but also because my father was an artist so I grew up around a bunch of artists that were up and coming and from Harlem.

So what the fuck was up with shouting out Selena on "100 Million Roses?"

She was a huge crossover artist. I think she's pretty high up there as far as entertainers. And I love her. I think she's beautiful and her music is good.

Word. I was watching a Narduwar episode. Your dad designed the Bad Boy logo? Tell me about that.

Yeah, he designed the Bad Boy logo for Puff and he did the Uptown Cat for Uptown records and Andre Harrell. He did a lot of early work for Phat Farm. He became one of those go to guys during his time within the industry. His name was D Ferg. He had a clothing line too called Ferg Apparel.

How did you link with the Mob?

Different scenarios. I was introduced to A$AP as a crew by Jabari, a.k.a. Young Lord. He introduced me to Elijah and a couple of other homies. I met Nast when he worked at Atmos on 125th. Twelvy I knew from just the streets.

What was it like when you first met Rocky? Was it related to music?

No, it was more friendship. He was running with a crew called Million Dollar Babies and I was with a crew called Harlem Envy. We were just young kids and we were running Harlem. It was like pregame to what we're doing now. Boat rides, fuckin' all the girls. So we knew each through people. But then he started seeing me downtown, too, with an artistic crowd. He approached me one day like "We should do some music together." I already knew A$AP dudes like Jabari, but tthat was my official entry. And it worked. Me and Rocky were gonna have a group called A$AP RAD... Rocky And D. Ferg. But at that time I was designing clothing so I told him, "You do the rapping thing and I'll catch up when the time is right."

What were you designing?

A belt line. It was called Davoni.

How'd you start rapping?

I always used to rhyme. In school we kept journals and my teacher let me write mine in raps or really it was like poetry. I would recite it in class. Some were for the girls, some were for the homeys to make them laugh. I didn't have rhythm, though. My homey Zadi was the first to show me to rap to a beat.

You directed the "100 Million Roses" video. Can you break down some of the images?

It was based on my pops' passing. That's why at the end of the video I'm walking with the cross. I'm not actually getting crucified in the video, I'm coming off the cross. So it's like he's reincarnated coming down and walking with the people through me.

Which Wu-Tang Clan member would you be?

Method Man. I think if Yams and Rocky would be RZA the I'd be Mef because of his charisma, and he's got the side group thing with Redman, plus the acting. He's just the most all around. That's me within A$AP. I would've said ODB because I like to harmonize, too, but that's more Nast.

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