Home Sweet Silent Barn? Venue Accepting Commercial And Residential Tenant Applications

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Maks Suski
The old Silent Barn space during its final party in 2011.
After a year of wandering the wilderness, DIY venue-cum-collective Silent Barn has found a new home. Although details on its specific whereabouts are scant, a website launched yesterday by the itinerant group announces that they have a four-month period to renovate a 10,000-square-foot loft "in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn." It will have three floors; one will be commercial, the other two residential.

Silent Barn was kicked out of its space a year ago after a burglary, and it raised $40,000 via Kickstarter to start anew; the purposefully un-slick website (which looks more like it could be repurposed to present X Files fan fiction at a moment's notice) reiterates that the space is now "held by Paesthetics LLC, a non-for-profit fiscally sponsored by Flux Factory, an art residency and exhibition space in Long Island City." (That limited liability company was founded during the Kickstarter campaign last year.)

The application process for tenants and businesses who want to live and work there is now open. There's a specific request for for proposals that divide the commercial floor into "funny shapes," or that pitch non-standard uses for the space. (Current proposals under consideration include "a barbershop/record store, an electronics company, painters and a print studio.") But with that opportunity comes a price of sorts: "Although these studios are secure for valuables, they are not private and quiet like traditional studios." Nevertheless, the spaces will be "reasonably priced"—a deal in increasingly expensive Brooklyn—and volunteering at shows will result in a break on the rent.

Silent Barn is a little less specific on the topic of the residential spaces, saying only that they're "standard issue, newly renovated 2br apartments"; some will have direct roof access, and all of them will be enveloped in youthful creative energy. Contact info for potential tenants is on the site, and here's a video tour of the space in raw form to pique interest:

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Nat, no one can read your website more closely.  It's starts black on dark green.  :) It's so beautiful.  All organizations should try to make public announcements using "Scroll Kit"  http://www.scrollkit.com/


Kunal of the silent barn

NatRoe like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

If you think my website is confusing, threioshop immne pokll!!!!!


 @meronkun @


Hi Chris,


This is Nat from the Silent Barn.


If you read the website more closely, you would have noticed that we have not signed the lease yet on this space and EXPECT to have a four month build-out period in this lease.  So these are not true facts in this article!  But thanks for the support all the same.

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