The 20 Best Things About "Hot Cheetos And Takis"

11. I love that a Minnesota YMCA has a youth basketball team called the Jaguars. There aren't even jaguars at the Minnesota Zoo.

12. The video is no small part of why this went viral. (Does anything go viral without a visual in 2012?) Done by 13twentythree, which somehow doesn't have it in its Music Videos category, the video captures how freakin' fun filming a rap video with a bunch of people in it is, and has a lot of the rainbow lens flares that are always fantastic (see Bei Maejor's "Lights Down Low" video) for summery clips.

13. The fourth verse begins with a kid sitting on top of the hoop and includes him talking about his "ice flow," making Drake-style hand gestures, and firing a shot at Fritos. He is also far cooler than I am.

14. "YOU CAN'T STOP ME!" is about the first phrase I can make out from the kid who is imitating Waka at his most Animal-ish in that fourth verse, and I'm totally fine with that.

15. The appearance of a second kid on the hoop means that the folks who directed this video probably spent about an hour putting various kids on the hoop and filming them to make everyone happy. If you don't think that's adorable, I feel bad for you.

16. I'm pretty sure J/Jay/Jae's going to be an s-t-a-r. The "H-o-t Cheetos" bar is superb, the delivery of her verse while Tigger-bouncing all over is tremendous, the Dougie in the middle of it shows she can really dance.

17. "And I chew my food, 'cause you know I got them manners." Awww.

18. The universality of all of this. Do you think of Minneapolis as a place where there are lots of corner stores? Do you think of Minnesota as a hotbed for Atlanta-reminiscent rap? These are kids showing you both things are, in one small way, true.

19. If you pause the video during the older kid's dunk, you can see that everyone is looking up at him. This is exactly what always happens when one kid can dunk and everyone else wants to, and now it is committed to video for a completely different reason.

20. The crunch sound at the end. Because of course there's a crunch sound at the end.

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