New On The Hot 100 This Week: Taylor Swift's "Ronan," PSY's "Gangnam Style," And More

No. 64: PSY, "Gangnam Style"

"Gangnam Style" is imitative, but at such a high level—more sophisticated and tightly structured—that it comes close to topping its models. At the same time, I don't buy the idea that its social commentary is in any way deep or revolutionary, even for South Korea. Mocking the rich is an ancient pastime in all parts of the world, and censorship in South Korea isn't as draconian as some suggest it is. "Gangnam Style"'s satire doesn't go much deeper than, say, LMFAO's (one of PSY's more obvious models), and in many ways it's gentler. The song is an inspired piece of silliness, but that's almost all it has to be.

No. 96: Lil Wayne featuring Detail, "No Worries"

After lip-syncing what may be the worst verse of his career on the VMAs, even a record as inconsequential as "No Worries" is an improvement for Lil Wayne. That said, here he seems to be totally uninterested in creating continuity or following any thought for more than a bar; the result is an endless series of puns and one-liners, each more deadening than the one before. Even the line where he admits to once again enjoying cunnilingus sounds forced.

No. 100: Beyoncé, "Dance For You"

A slow grind so obviously dedicated to Jay-Z that listening to it is almost embarrassing. Sure, I wonder what their home life is like, but I'd prefer to stay out of their bedroom. This song's mixture of romance and eroticism doesn't always gel, but the coda, where Beyonce indulges in a slow-motion orgasm, whispering "Yes" over and over while the guitar player channels the spirit of Eddie Hazel, saves the record.

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