Q&A: XADDAX On Married Couple Band Life And Bushwick's Zombie People

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Gloriously wretched, hoarse-throated bloody rasp bawls and fractured clusterfucked guitar squalor careen head on with drums and synth-triggering pedal demolition in XADDAX, a Bushwickian noise-rock monster whose members—ax grinder Nick Sakes and traps basher Chrissy Rossettie—happen to be happy-as-pigs-in-shit newlyweds making skuzz-assed music together.

Sakes hauled to Brooklyn three years ago, after stints in Minneapolis art-math punkazoid purveyors Dazzling Killman, the beloved Colossamite, and Sicbay. Rossettie previously held it down for obscure no wave goons My Name is Rar-Rar in Chicago. Back in the naughts, their bands shared a bill; years later, "the miracle of Facebook" (as Sakes puts it) prompted their union and birthed XADDAX. Their "baby" is Counterclockwork, XADDAX's ear-bleeding, stellar debut; its loud-as-hell riffs, screams and scattershot synth salvos (triggered by Rossettie) are dementedly catchy.

Sound of the City met up with the happy couple at a coffee joint in the South Slope to talk about Bushwick, connecting on Facebook and their practice methods.

Do you use your iPhone for songwriting purposes?

Sakes: Yes, iPhone practice... we must videotape parts now. In fact, today, we were going to attempt to come up with new parts and the only way we can remember things now is to videotape them. Recording isn't good enough; now its videotape and organize them on my computer, somehow.

Rossettie: But you never label them.

Sakes: Well, I need to start. It's so complicated.

It sounds like you guys are really high-tech.

Sakes: Well, it's unorganized image files of the new box of cassettes of practice tapes.

When did both of you move to Brooklyn?

Rossettie: I've been here for eight years.

Sakes: I moved here from Minneapolis to live with her three years ago—almost to the day. I've lived here for three years. September 24th is my official move-here date. I think it was like this week that I moved most of my stuff...

Rossettie: ... part of your stuff... drove out...

Sakes: ... part of my stuff, drove out in my 1983 Olds Delta 88 with no power steering. That was one hell of a ride.

Is that car what you guys use on tour?


Sakes: We currently have no vehicle.

Rossettie: We actually haven't toured the States yet. We just did Europe...

Sakes: We just toured Europe for a couple of weeks.

So you toured Europe before the States?

Rossettie: Yeah.

Does it usually work the other way around?

Rossettie: Yeah... usually.

Sakes: It was sort of our honeymoon, too. We got married on June 30. We're a married, couple band.

Do you think being a married couple in a band may be a curse? It's not something you worry about?

Rossettie: I think it brings us closer together...

Sakes: ... it does. It's our baby. Our band. But actually touring Europe was kind of [better] money-wise, since we don't have a vehicle. It would have taken us renting a vehicle here and it's kind of making a little bit better money over there...

Rossettie: We just had better experiences [there]; they just treat you better.

Sakes: We actually get guarantees they are good for and you get fed.

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