Carmel vs. Dial 7: A Limo Service Jingle Showdown for the Ages!

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For most people, the number 666 has ominous associations. It's the mark of the beast, the sign of the Antichrist, or part of the absurd name of what looks to be one of the worst new television shows of the season.

But when you sing the words 666 to anyone who watches local TV around here, you'll get a surprisingly cheery response. The number for the Carmel limo service is 212-666-6666, and the jingle, as well as the hilarious commercial in which it's featured, has battered it's way into New Yorker's hearts and minds, so much so that I'll occasionally hear people humming it after a long night at the bar.

But now, an impostor has come on the scene. An upstart competitor named Dial 7, with the call number of 212-777-777, is advertising a limo service of their own and horribly, thankfully, they too have a commercial with a catchy jingle. Here, we investigate both commercials and hope to define a clear winner.


Pros: Where to start with this classic? We come in with the instantaneously catchy telephone number itself. And then, in knowing jingle form, the destinations to which one could use a ride are enumerated. "Going to the airport!" "Ridin' round town!" And then my personal favorite, the high-pitched exhortation: "Shopping or a movie!" Several of the actors in the commercial get a solo turn during this portion of this song, but when a large, tan, Italian-looking gentleman comes on the scene, everyone sings a beat-tapping, finger-snapping bridge that leads inexorably back to that famous call number.

There are a number of gaffes throughout the commercial. The Asian guy forgets the words during the part of the song that goes "Ride Carmel and be on time." The portly, orange-shirted gentleman who is a key player at the beginning of the commercial is tragically relegated to the background. Meanwhile the leading lady is utterly forgettable, totally overshadowed by the aforementioned Italian guy, who should really just have a commercial of his own.

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