Waste of Paint: King Tuff Goes Retro, Pissed Jeans Get Pissed Off, Slug Guts Spook, and Sky Ferreira Charms

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CMJ is great. It's got all the stressful clusterfuckery of SXSW, but with none of the late night hot tub parties or surprise Kanye West performances! Jokes aside, it brings a ton of acts to town all at once, and you can't really get mad at that. In honor of this grand industry tradition, Waste of Paint set out to discover some exciting, new (or at least newly buzzy) acts.

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King Tuff
Thursday we stopped by the Sub Pop showcase at Knitting Factory Brooklyn to see King Tuff and Pissed Jeans. We arrived in time to catch the tail end of post-hardcore Canadians Metz punishing their instruments. We thrashed around as much as the packed house would allow, and added them to our mental list of bands to cover in full ASAP.

Next, King Tuff played a long and spirited set of neo garage rock, much of which was taken from their (or should I say his?) recent self-titled album. The solo project of Kyle Thomas (previously of J. Mascis vehicle Witch, Vermont freak folk outfit Feathers, and freak-pop group Happy Birthday), King Tuff is committed to exploring the various sounds of the period in American music commonly known as "classic rock" and lashing them together with his odd, nasal falsetto to create something playful and new. This hit my ears with varying degrees of success. Songs like "Bad Thing," "Alone And Stoned" and "Lady" enticed me with heaping helpings of punk rock attack and ear worm-y pop hooks, but other times felt like watching (an admittedly talented) kid noodling in his bedroom to bygone greats like The New York Dolls, The Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bob Dylan. Granted, the Dylan impression Thomas lapsed into at times seemed intentionally hilarious.

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