Waste of Paint: King Tuff Goes Retro, Pissed Jeans Get Pissed Off, Slug Guts Spook, and Sky Ferreira Charms

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Pissed Jeans
How do I love Pissed Jeans? Let me count the ways. With their resistance to pop structure, pounding rhythm section, and frontman Matt Korvette's hardcore vocal attack, they keep Sup Pop true to its cacophonous, confrontational, commercially un-viable sludge-punk roots. But despite the seven-year-old project not exactly being a "buzz" band, there were enough people freaking out in front to form a viable mosh pit, so maybe the long tail of Melvins-loving weirdos has paid for all those vinyl pressings, after all.

The relentless barrage of noise did get mind-numbingly monotonous at times (it's supposed to), but Korvette kept things interesting with off-color jokes and audience interaction that bordered on performance art. Coming off like some kind of extra-angry, punk rock Don Rickles, he started out by making fun of the names of every other band that was currently playing the same timeslot at CMJ -- "Come On Caboose? Lame. Computer Magic, that's nerds. Mystery Skulls? Ooh, where did they come from, these mystery skulls?" -- then performed numerous spastic strip teases, hopped like a frog, threw a bunch of mostly empty pizza boxes out onstage, and doled out more "observational" humor like "this amplifier is really tired tonight so it had to sit down, we got it a chair." When a vaguely raver-ish girl in tie dyed jeans and a backwards baseball cap jumped onstage and tried to dance with him, he hilariously aped her movements. Needless to say, the crowd ate it up.

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