Waste of Paint: King Tuff Goes Retro, Pissed Jeans Get Pissed Off, Slug Guts Spook, and Sky Ferreira Charms

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Slug Guts
Saturday we ventured to the western edge of Manhattan to see Aussie act Slug Guts give the sterile air of 92Y Tribeca a seasonally appropriate soupçon of rotting corpse with music worthy of The Hunger's soundtrack.* With squalling guitars, sickly sax, and an ominously punchy rhythm section, they displayed a lecherous lurch worthy of their country's greatest underground death rock acts, most notably The Birthday Party. Clad in black jeans, '70s aviators, a gold chain, fingerless leather gloves, and, most amusingly, a mullet, singer James Dalgleish hammed it up as he spazzed around the mic like an electro-shock therapy patient, reveling in the spooky kitsch of it all. As he swung from a lobotomized baritone to a frantic, yelping shriek and back again, the most obvious comparison was the aforementioned Nick Cave, but there was also some gravel reminiscent of Marilyn Manson in his lower register. I mean this as a compliment; like Spin Magazine, I un-ironically believe Manson to be The Last Great Rockstar.

*A seminal 1983 horror film starring David Bowie and Catherine DeNeuve as a sexy vampire couple which helped popularize Bauhaus' half-joking darkwave hit "Bela Lugosi's Dead."

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