Waste of Paint: King Tuff Goes Retro, Pissed Jeans Get Pissed Off, Slug Guts Spook, and Sky Ferreira Charms

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Sky Ferreira
Lastly, Sky Ferreira brought us all down from Slug Guts' orgasmic doom orgy to a place that was, at times, just as gloomy, if less aggressive. Between her modeling gigs, acting gigs, numerous shifts in style, and nepotistic origin story (Michael Jackson was a friend of the family and she recorded her first demo at 15), I'll admit I was expecting to be at least a little disappointed by her live show.

Imagine, then, the pleasant surprise when the voice that came out of her tiny throat and through the speakers with minimal (if any) effects was the single most amazing sound I'd heard in a week of amazing sounds. She was tough but girly, sad but defiant, and she displayed her substantial range in a natural, non-showboating way. All this from a voice that was crystal clear but for an occasional raspiness, perhaps a function of overuse. The music itself was eclectic, ranging from '80s inflected synth-pop to a more hard-edged rock sound reminiscent of the days when tough women like Alanis Morrisette and Shirley Manson ruled the pop charts. It's no surprise, then, that Manson actually did co-write some of the songs on her new EP Ghost, as well as sometime Fiona Apple producer Jon Brion.

She closed the set with "Everything Is Embarrassing," an achingly wistful Blood Orange-penned track which is quickly becoming her best known single to date. After just five songs, she flashed a rare smile and waved goodbye, a guy shouted "You are a goddess!" and you could feel the whole room falling in love with her.

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