Top Five Most Disturbing Horrorcore Songs


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"Acid Rap" pioneer Esham

Ahh yes, horrorcore. If hip-hop were a video store, it would be the horror section. A sub-genre rooted in a love of soul-shattering violence, grizzly imagery and the darkest of pitch black humor, its cult following is one of the most loyal despite a widespread legacy of pigeon-holing and dismissal. While some of the artists celebrated for their work in the sub-genre won't even embrace the term (Esham prefers "Acid Rap," Necro prefers "Death Rap"), its fanbase dictates the jams, which often leads to some particularly ghoulish playlist. Halloween in mind, here's our choices for the five most memorably horrifying horrorcore "cuts."

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5. Geto Boys - "Assassins" 1990

Scariest lyric:"I dug between the chair, and whipped out the machete
She screamed, I sliced her up until her guts were like spaghetti
A maniac, I stabbed the girl in her tits
And to stop her nerves from jumpin' I just cut her to bits"

Texas' Geto Boys are one of the most innovative and consistent groups in hip-hop history. While their song "Assassins" has had a few different incarnations, our favorite is the one found on their 1990 self-titled release. These guys could write an intimidating song about going to the supermarket, so when they put their minds particularly in the horror realm, chances are you'll find yourself "scared as Hell."

4. Esham - "9 Dead Bodies" 1992

Scariest lyric: "The bigger they are, the harder the fall,
Then their head pops off and rolls down the hall.
Blood stains all on my shoe strangs,
Two bodies swingin' in the back, and they hang."

Esham's "9 Dead Bodies" is horrifying for more than just the lyrics. Rather, his unsettling flow and sinister vocal intonations make the creepy storytelling all the more haunting. As hard as it was to choose a particular Esham song for this list, the almost minimalist elements of "9 Dead Bodies" puts it severed head and shoulders above the rest.

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Nahhh The Return of the Baby Killer should DEFINITELY be #1!!! The guy described cutting up crying babies in detail, how is that only #2??


Your forgetting the King of Horrorcore........King Gordy!


WTF??? what about the insane clown posse


How is one to take this list seriously when the author misses the originators of horror core The Gravediggaz? Pass.


@RickNoubal Brotha Lynch Hung was first, active since 1986. Gravediggaz got their start in 1993

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