Guided by Voices' Robert Pollard & Tobin Sprout Exhibit Artwork in Bushwick

After their much-anticipated 2010 reunion at Matador Records' 21st birthday party in Las Vegas, lo-fi rockers Guided by Voices buckled up and went on a two-year bender of tour dates and recent album releases. Now, with an art exhibition called The Big Hat & Toy Show, frontmen Robert Pollard and Tobin Sprout showcase their visual art. The exhibit, which is described as a "menagerie of installations," can be seen at the headquarters of Brooklyn band the Library is On Fire.

TLIOF frontman Steve Five (who is a GbV fan and fellow Ohioan) presents the two-day "interactive conceptual installation" in Bushwick where he has curated other events with his band at this performance space.

Pollard and Sprout aren't strangers to exhibiting their visual work. So why is their latest offering presented at a DIY space, as opposed to a trendy Chelsea gallery? We caught up with Five to discuss the art show, and what fans/art lovers can expect from tonight's art opening. Apparently, Pollard likes the "non traditional environment that a space like this provides" and "It's a lot more fun." Read on.


How did this art exhibit come about?

Bob and Tobin wanted to have a group solo show. As you may know, both are prolific artists in their own right and have exhibited their artwork in various different shows. They were looking for a non-conventional gallery space in NYC, and asked if I could suggest locations. I had a few in mind, and also suggested my loft space. Apparently it was just what they wanted, they didn't even look at the other spots.

Have you always been interested in visual art?

I've definitely been interested in visual art from an early age. I started making art as a kid. I work as an assistant to a painter now, and at a few different galleries in Chelsea. So this show is a great culmination of everything I love: great music, great artists, and great art.

Aside from being fans of Guided by Voices, why did you want put this show together?

Well, its an honor to do so. I was a fan of GBV before I ever knew them. So its more than helping some friends out.

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