Sean Price: "Cornell West Is the Devil"

Sean Price

Editor's note: In Tweets is Watching, Phillip Mlynar asks local artists questions based solely on the contents of their Twitter timeline.

Sean Price is Twitter rap royalty. The Brooklyn-based M.C. is followed by your favorite rappers and his own timeline sparkles with a bunch of endearingly uncouth jokes and barbs at other tweeters. So ahead of the October 30th release of his Mic Tyson album, here's Sean P on smoking weed while watching Bob Ross, his favorite NYC burger spot, and the shady side of Cornel West.

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Why did you decide to freestyle over Action Bronson's "Pouches Of Tuna"?
Action Bronson's dope. That was like a salute to him. It's like pouches of tuna? A pouch of tuna doesn't sound right, it sounds disgusting. So what's more disgusting than that? Swine on pineapples! But yeah, Action is dope. When I first heard the record I thought it was fuckin' awesome.

Have you ever enjoyed eating swine on pineapples?
Of course. I haven't ate pork since I was a child but I remember my mom making the ham with the pineapple on top. If you eat pork it's like a traditional meal, like a traditional food at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

You also dined at Bare Burger recently. I was there with my wife yesterday. She won't experiment like me, so she had a regular burger, but I had the elk burger and I had the ostrich burger.

How was the ostrich burger?
It was fuckin' great, yo!

How did it taste different to a normal burger?
I can't describe it but it does and I like it. It was great. I just be liking to try shit. I was in Spain and I called home, told the wife I ate escargot. She was like, "What's that?" I was like, "Snails." She went, "Eew!." I like to try shit. As long as it ain't pork.

What's the story behind PF Cuttin' and the Beats By Dre headphones? Oh, this fuckin' guy, man, I give him Dre headphones and he fuckin' put the cheapest batteries... Where you live at?

So you know Family Dollar?

This motherfucker buy the cheapest AAA batteries and put them in Dre headphones! I'm like, "Don't do that, you're disrespecting the headphones." He's a cheap fucker. That's my boy nevertheless. He's like, "They had 20 of them for like $5." I was like, "Yeah, they worth that." You only get one session done with a battery!

Did you ever consider asking for the headphones back?
Nah, I wouldn't do that. I'm not an Indian giver.

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