Swans' Most Terrifying Songs

"Another You," from Holy Money (1986)

What sounds like a harmonica makes you think you're moving. Like you're on a train. But you're not. You ain't going nowhere. "I'll walk 15 steps across the room, I'll stay there until I know where I am, I won't move until I remember where I am." But you don't remember, therefore you don't move. So you create "another you," and this version of you maybe does what you should've done earlier. "I should have hurt you," realizes Gira. But it's too late. There is no other you. Those 15 steps were your last 15 steps. You're trapped.

"Beautiful Child," from Children of God (1987)

The song begins with gunfire. Gira thinks the child is beautiful, but something's immediately fishy about how angry he sounds when he admits he wants to caress the beautiful child's soft head. Then he reveals his true intentions. "I can kill the child, the beautiful child, I will kill the child, the beautiful child." He has a warped understanding of caress.

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