Swans' Most Terrifying Songs

"You Fucking People Make Me Sick," from My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky (2010)

Speaking of beautiful children, the child that sings with Gira on this tune has a beautiful voice. "I love you," sings Gira. "I love you," responds the child. This exchange is chilling. But nowhere near as chilling as the indescribable sonic violence that happens for the next two minutes, as piano, horns and drums produce a psycho-death rattle unlike anything you've ever heard before.

"The Seer Returns," The Seer (2012)

This is one hell of a joyous groove, but don't get too comfortable. "Your life pours into my mouth, my light pours out of my mouth, my life pours into your mouth, your light pours into my mouth," sings Gira. It's a warm, fuzzy feeling - all that light and life pouring all around so freely. But stop for a second and consider what's really happening here. Light is coming out of your mouth.

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