The Cringe's John Cusimano On The Beatles' Vintage Gear, The Killers' Drummer, And New York's Best Chinese Restaurant

Leslie Van Stelten

Editor's note: In Tweets is Watching, Phillip Mlynar asks local artists questions based solely on the contents of their Twitter timeline.

New York City-based rockers The Cringe released their fourth studio album, Hiding In Plain Sight, earlier this week. The Cringe is fronted up by John Cusimano, who also handily happens to commandeer the band's Twitter account. Being that Cusimano is also married to celebrity home-cook Rachael Ray, the band's timeline is a suitably chow-happy experience. We approve.

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What's The Raid: Redemption about? It's a pure action movie. There's this big bad guy drug kingpin who lives on the top floor of a tenement building and all these crazy martial-arts police have to go floor by floor and reach in and kill him. It's almost like a video game. Each floor has more and more complex challenges and fight sequences. I've never seen fight sequences so brilliantly choreographed. It's a foreign language film but you can literally not read any of the subtitles and follow it.

Which song on the new album would you pick to soundtrack a scene from the movie?
It would be the first track on the album, "Rushing Through The World," 'cause it's a fast-paced aggressive song about how fast the world moves and getting disconnected from all the insanity of modern day life. I'd be happy to see it in any of the fight sequences in the movie.

You've tweeted about dining at Yunnan kitchen. What's the food like there?We just discovered this a few months ago. There's Chinese food all over Manhattan--and some of it's good and some of it's bad--but this is such a different experience to any Chinese food I've had before. It's from the Chinese province of Yunnan, which I believe is in south-western China. It's not been readily served in the U.S. but it's different to Chinese food you've had. They used schezwan peppers, which numb your mouth for about five minutes. They have chicken wings with that, and they have beautiful lamb meatballs and different salads and these beautiful cold pork noodles that are so tart and delicious. You're not gonna go there and get spare ribs and egg-rolls.


You also mention eating a recipe that apparently Julius Caesar enjoyed. That's one of my wife and I's favorite restaurants in Rome, called Spirito DiVino. It's called Caesar's Pork and it's the exact recipe that Caesar ate thousands of years ago. It's basically stew-- don't know the recipe itself--but it's got a whole bunch of different spices and a sauce and very tender cubes of pork. There's probably a bit of cloves and some all-spice--my wife would probably be better at figuring out the recipe than me--but it's delicious.

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