The Most Bizarre Music-Based Halloween Costumes of 2012

kurt cobain wig.jpg
A Kurt Cobain knock-off called "Grunge Wig"

It's the Halloween season once again, and weather permitting (guess what ... IT'S NOT PERMITTING) soon the streets will be flooded with people of all ages in costumes, ready to party. This year, there's a surprising number of costume options for the discerning music fan, so we decided to investigate every pop-up Halloween store we could find to track down all of the Music-Based Halloween costumes 2012 had to offer! Be advised, things quickly got weird.

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The Official Costumes

Lady Gaga

gaga official.jpg
Official Lady Gaga Costume

Starting things off we have this entry from Lady Gaga's official line of Halloween costumes. Well detailed, this one looks fittingly authentic and fun.


elvis official.jpg
Official Elvis Costume

The same could largely be said for this late-era official full-body Elvis costume EXCEPT that, despite being $87.99, it DOESN'T include the glasses or hair. That's not alright now, mama.

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