The Most Bizarre Music-Based Halloween Costumes of 2012

The Knock-Offs

"Royal Rocker"

royal rocker prince knockoff.jpg
"Royal Rocker" Costume

Once we got that this was a Purple Rain-era Prince costume (the model's Slash-ish hair momentarily perplexed us), we thought, for an unofficial release, it really doesn't look that bad. However, the label didn't say whether or not it was purified in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

"Grunge Wig"

kurt cobain wig.jpg
"Grunge Wig" which resembles a certain gentleman from Seattle...

Say, does this look like Kurt Cobain's hair to you? It kind of seems like this is Kurt Cobain's hair to us. The same company released a similar item with Guy Fieri-looking hair called "Television Chef Wig," so we're guessing the resemblance is a little more than coincidental.

"Lil Bee"

lil bee.jpg

What?! This toddler costume looks absolutely NOTHING like the Based God! Oh, wait....

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