The Most Bizarre Music-Based Halloween Costumes of 2012

The Confusing

pimp rapper designation voice.jpg
A Real Sign in a Real Halloween Store

We knew when we saw this very sign hanging over head that we were in for a treat. Think about this, we live in a time when "Pimp Rapper" is not only an acceptable mass-marketed Halloween costume, but it carries enough possibilities to warrant an entire section of a costume store. People, this is progress.

Rap Star Jacket

rap star jacket voice.jpg

This is one of those jackets like all the hottest rap stars wear, right? I mean, we guess it kind of looks like an MC Hammer jacket, but the sheer number of these in 2012 makes me wonder if there's a particular part of the country in high demand of MC Hammer costumes and, if so, will they let us into their party?

Rap Idol

rap idol confusing.jpg

This one, I have absolutely no idea. I see, maybe, some nods to Vanilla Ice or Radio-era LL Cool J here, but in terms of being something called "rap idol," I'm nonplussed. Wouldn't "rap enthusiast" make more sense and, ideally, get more candy?

Hip-Hop Fishnet Shirt

fishnet hiphop shirt.jpg

Have you ever been to a hip-hop event? Have you ever witnessed someone at any of those events wearing a fishnet shirt? We can see the numerous costume options for a fishnet shirt, but the idea that this is a specifically "hip-hop" fishnet shirt boggles our minds.

But who says humans should have all the musical fun on Halloween? Being that they can hear significantly better than us anyway, let's take a look at the costumes available for dogs!

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