The Ten Best Concerts in New York This Weekend, 10/26/12

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Here's a list, in no particular order, of the ten best concerts to check out this weekend.

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The xx + Chairlift
Loew's Paradise Theater (Bronx)
Friday & Sunday, 8pm. $42
Festival darlings the xx have successfully avoided the sophomore slump with the release of Coexist in September, which followed their critically acclaimed self-titled debut. The band's charm, and maybe even success, rests in the hands of their extraordinary ability to weave the restrained and equally lovely lead vocals of singers Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim on top of minimalist beats. A subtly palpable energy is not lost, however, in the sleepily melodic tones of their songs, which makes them a great live act to see outdoors as well as in the vintage-y atmosphere of Loew's Paradise Theater. Supported by Chairlift, the xx will be framing the weekend with two shows at the Bronx venue while in turn creating the perfect ambient escape from the week. - Brittany Spanos

Bill McHenry Quartet
Village Vanguard
Friday-Sunday, 9pm & 11pm daily. $25
The new La Peur Du Vide was recorded last spring at the royal basement, and it shows the tenor saxophonist's yen for both measured beauty and aggressive abstraction, like a crazed chess pro with a wild-ass streak. His secret weapon for this approach is pianist Orrin Evans, whose sage maneuvers add steady buoyancy while rattling the cage on a regular basis. -- By Jim Macnie

The Weeknd
Terminal 5
Friday, 9pm. $40-$45
Last year, Toronto's the Weeknd shook up r&b with a self-released mixtape trilogy (in order of both quality and chronology: House of Balloons, Thursday, Echoes of Silence) that basked in their own brooding mysteriousness, focusing less on the party or after-party than the lonely 4:30 a.m. comedown. This year, he climbed the charts with his guest vocals on fellow Torontonian Drake's "Crew Love" and brought his show on the road, playing three New York shows before those mixtapes get their proper release. The show should be a good time, but we can't make any promises about what will go on later. -- By Nick Murray

Aimee Man + Ted Leo
Town Hall
Saturday, 9pm. $35-$45
In the title track of her latest album Charmer, singer-songwriter Aimee Mann contends that the world doesn't know "that secretly charmers feel like they're frauds." If that's the case, Ms. Mann will have to learn to cope with her insecurities, because over the course of her solo career she hasn't lost one ounce of the stuff. She likely knows that, too: Take, for instance, the video she made for the album's other single, "Labrador"; in it, she and tonight's opening act, Ted Leo, recreate the video she made with new wavers 'Til Tuesday for "Voices Carry" in '85. It's a fraud worth buying. -- By Kory Grow

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