Vagina Panther, Foxygen, Milk Dick, etc: Why 20 Bands Playing CMJ Chose Their Name

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Come On Caboose

Come On Caboose
"Come On Caboose doesn't have much meaning except that the name just came to me in May of 2004 as I was listening to the final broadcast of my favorite radio station, 97X Woxy, known for playing indie and modern rock and made famous by Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man ('Bam! The Future of rock and roll'). At the time, I was in another band, but I thought if I ever started a solo project, I might call myself Come On Caboose. A few years later, the band broke up and Come On Caboose was born. Also, strangely enough, I found out later from some hardcore gamers there is apparently fan fiction for the video game Halo called 'Red and Blue' with an infamous quote 'Come On, Caboose!' I had never heard of it until asked about the band name, but there is no intentional connection." Come On Caboose plays 10/19 at Parkside Lounge.

Deathrow Tull
"We were looking for something sensual, yet daring. Any old pun just wouldn't do, so we locked ourselves in the Buffalo's closet (he's our drummer) which was pretty cozy for seven bandmates dressed in velvet and spandex. That's when the visions began. There was a significant amount of sweat and saliva, maybe some salvia as well, and when we emerged, we were undeniably Deathrow Tull." Deathrow Tull plays 10/18 at The End, and 10/20 at Arlene's Grocery.

Fat History Month
"I had this book called The Fat Man In History by Peter Carey back when we started the band and wanted to come up with a name that had something to do with that. My brother came up with Fat History Month and we laughed for a year. Then on President's Day I started thinking about how no one knows much about William Howard Taft except that he was the fattest president, and I thought that's pretty awful, so the name took on some political meaning. People should be able to be whoever they wanna be, whatever they look like. To quote a prominent philosopher of physiognomy, 'Fatness is the final frontier of physical qualities that you're still allowed to shit on people for and not be a social pariah.' That's dumb, so we started a movement. Also, it's kinda funny." Fat History Month plays 10/20 at The Paper Box.

"Sam France and his friend Libby were talking over AIM one day, and she called a cute boy she had a crush on her 'Foxygen.' Sam and Jonathan Rado were in 6th grade at the time, and they decided right then that Foxygen would be their band name. Libby does not recall this exchange." Foxygen plays 10/16 at Mercury Lounge, 10/18 at Brooklyn Bowl, 10/19 at Public Assembly, 10/19 at Bowery Ballroom, 10/19 at Pianos, 10/20 at Piano, and 10/20 at Fuzz NYC.

Grape Soda
"I'd been kicking around the name since I was a high school armchair Dadaist. Back then, I chose it randomly and liked it because it was a nondescript consumer product without any connotations. When we started playing music together, it seemed like a good illustration of our sound: murky, saccharine, and heavily carbonated." Grape Soda plays 10/17 at Union Pool.

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