Every Food Reference on Action Bronson's New Album Rare Chandeliers

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Action Bronson released his new Rare Chandeliers album today as a free download! As befits New York's finest rapping gourmand, the project brims with references to foodstuffs. So having had a chance to digest the latest of Bronson's banquets, here's a handy guide to the spread of tasty verbals sprinkled across the project--complete with dinner guest Styles P attempting to get in on the action by turning up to the feast with a Swanson TV dinner. Now go 'head and pass that fennel-laced lamb.

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1. "Big Body Bes Intro"
"The '06 commissary king, I had the most fuckin' tunas in the house, rice game, soup game ridiculous, man."

2. "Rare Chandeliers"
"All I wanna do is buy boots, ride coupe, hide loot/ Uh, flick chives in the soup."
"Choke a duck lay it on the plate (roasted)/ Snap my fingers for the waiter come and pour the grapes."
"Aim at your apple with the archery/ Chef with the tweezers place the parsley for me."
"Drinking grapes with the steak/ Make a cake for your wake."

3. "The Symbol"
"The whip look like tropical lime."
"The lamb was laced with fennel."
"Catch me smokin' spices."
"My bitch's ass is like an apple."
"Just sprinkle cheese on top of me and let it get crusted over."

4. "Sylvester Lundgren"
"Open up the abalone/ Smoke the macaroni/ Eat the cannelloni."

5. "Randy The Musical"
"We blow cheddar, au four feta."
"Supporting actors, fresh peaches, no pit."
"Ayo, master ate the fruit, top it over angel's food."
"Let the beat thump/ Never fuckin' with the crab that's pre-lump."
"Serve some cream stuffed shit to make the fiends jump."
"I'm feasting dolo down in Eataly."

6. "Demolition Man"
"Caught a statutory rape 'cause the steak wasn't mature."
"Only green M&Ms placed in my dressing room/ Pineapple juice, roast turkey."
"Come back, make rice for the fellas."

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