Every Food Reference on Action Bronson's New Album Rare Chandeliers

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7. "Eggs On The Third Floor"
"Old money in the bag look like sautéed spinach."
"With your moms, butt-naked, cooking eggs."
"Hold the chopsticks at the top, you know I'm upper-class/ Grab the sizzle beef with my teeth."
"Bam-Bam and I'm representing Flushing/ Smokin' blueberry like a muffin."
"And don't forget the chicken in the oven/ Never burned the dinner."
"Making popcorn/ Flip the bag this side up."

8. "Modern Day Revelations"
"To the game apply pressure/ The five-pepper."
"Steam the drama like a dumpling."
"The pigeon was carte-blanche."
"The crabs dipped in garlic."
"Bite bison and cake icing/ Cracking crustaceans."

9. "Dennis Haskins"
"My favorite dish consists of thin veal."
"Looks just like doo-doo in the Pamper/ Like when my son drinks too much apple juice."

10. "Bitch I Deserve You"
"I made $872 million off molasses yesterday."
"Strip a vixen out the blouse, put the pickle in her vouch/ No more sushi style, reserved for the past days."

11. "Gateway To Wizardry"
"Barbecues in the fall."
"Five stars on the dinner plate."
"Cook you like Swanson."

12. "Blood Of The Goat"
"Catch the shark, skin the shark, hang the shark in the shed/ Every dinner got the marvelous spread."
"Dabble in truffles/ Sauvignon Blanc, simmer the mussels."

13. "Mike Vick"
"Beef that was aged inside the basement."
"Tandoori half-moons in my haircut."

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