The Ten Best Artists at Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival This Weekend

Mykki Blanco

This weekend, the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival will take over Williamsburg for the fifth year running. (So it's technically the Williamsburg Electronic Music Festival, but who's counting when you're drunk and dancing to Nick Catchdubs at 4 a.m.?) Last year's Festival brought Matthew Dear, Beats In Space's Tim Sweeney, and HudMo before he was TNGHT. MeanRed Productions, the multifarious company behind BEMF, kept the style and structure largely the same this year (two words: food carts), bringing back Cubic Zirconia's Nick Hook and rolling out Nadastrom, Gold Panda, and Nicolas Jaar. Think of it as the anti-Ultra, or perhaps Electronic Zoo. This year, however, there's going to be an all-ages stage at 285 Kent, and as of now there are still tickets available.

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"It's just a lot of bleeps and bloops," a former co-worker of mine said when I asked him about electronic music, so in case you're of a similar mindset, we've provided a guide to the 10 essential acts you should see on Friday and Saturday night. You don't really have an excuse -- since the venues (including Glasslands, Cameo, Brooklyn Bowl, Public Assembly, and Music Hall of Williamsburg) are just a few blocks from each other -- but you do have the right to a disco nap and making an entrance in your snow boots free of judgment.

For the full schedule, click here. Early bird tickets are sold out, but night and weekend tickets are still available here.


Photek at Music Hall of Williamsburg (Friday)
"I'm not up for discussing how it needs to sound more like Moby, you know?" L.A.-based producer and DJ Rupert Parkes has gone by a lot of different names: Aquarius, Code of Practice, Phaze 1, and The Sentinel, among others possibly still from high school. Now, the former Londoner goes by Photek. Since he got started in the U.K.'s drum 'n' bass scene in the early '90s, Parkes has composed film soundtracks (The Animatrix, Dreamland), earned a Best Remix Grammy nomination for his brutally technologic rendition of Tron: Legacy's "End of Line", and written Eastern-influenced songs like "Ni Ten Ichi-Ren," with the meticulous synth-based sounds of clashing swords. Those idiosyncrasies, like a computerized lion's roar on "Avalanche" and "Sleepwalking," which gives Skream's untouchable remix of "Bulletproof" a run for its money, elevate his subterranean jungle-tronica far above ground.
Photek plays the DJ Kicks Stage with Gold Panda at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Friday, 11/9.

Nicolas Jaar
After founding his own label, composing some of the most legitimate musique concrete this century, and releasing a prism of music to rival the Flaming Lips' gummy skulls, Nicolas Jaar might be the most famous Brown University student this side of Emma Watson. The 21-year-old American-Chilean producer and comparative literature major specializes in self-described "blue wave": noir & b that sounds just as exquisite during one of his five-hour experimental PS1 sets as it does tantalizing drops on a Friday night at Music Hall of Williamsburg. The best part is you never know which one you're going to get. And Steven Spielberg's daughter, Sasha, might even show up to join Jaar onstage to sing in their cover of Leonard Cohen's "Avalanche".
Nicolas Jaar performs with Nick Hook at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday, 11/10.

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