Blues Control Explain Why They Had To Move Out of NYC To Create Their Latest Album Valley Tangents

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There's definitely a different feel to Valley Tangents than your earlier output. Do you feel you could have made this LP in Brooklyn/NYC or is it something that could have only came from where you're living now?
Lea Cho: We probably could not have made this record if we were still living in NYC. I suppose Valley Tangents is our "Move to the country" record-- the songs were inspired by the valley; the animals; the local minor league baseball team; the freedom; the peace and quiet--but there were non-geographical factors that influenced the making of the record too. For one, we were able to spend more time in the studio than we had in the past. Musically, our ideas have continually evolved regardless of location. The overarching influences for Valley Tangents are progressive rock, and jazz, but each song on the record also incorporates its own unique influences. Living in the country must have had a subconscious effect, but it hasn't changed anything fundamental about our music. If anything, living here has allowed us to better realize ideas we've had since we started Blues Control.

What have been the highlights of 2012 for Blues Control thus far?

Russ Waterhouse: Besides releasing Valley Tangents, we recently toured in Australia and New Zealand, which was amazing, and earlier this year we played shows with Laraaji in NYC and Europe. Because we've been out on the road, we've been able to see friends we hadn't seen since our last tour in 2009, and we made some new friends too.

What's on the horizon for Blues Control in 2013?
Russ Waterhouse: We have a six week U.S. tour coming up soon, and a European tour in the spring. We'll be going to countries we've never played before, which is exciting. Besides that, we're working on a couple of singles, and we'll probably start writing a new full-length after the touring winds down.

What's Blues Controls' favorite record to be released this year?
Russ Waterhouse: Sandy Bull & The Rhythm Ace Live 1976 is probably my favorite--a perfect, low-key Sunday morning record. I like when he's rambling into the mic between songs, and playing along to backing tapes he made of himself, similar to what we do. You get the feeling he would probably be cool to hang out with at a holiday get-together.

Blues Control play Mercury Lounge Saturday, December 1st.

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