Live: Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival Quakes Over Williamsburg

Half of Brooklyn witchy house duo CREEP, Flax (who might be most widely known for "You've Changed" featuring Sia) started spinning at midnight. I couldn't help noticing (and kicking myself noticing) that with her mop of black hair, squarish glasses, and angular features and attire, she looks like an alternate version of Skrillex. Throughout the night, I wondered how Nicolas Jaar was going to take over after the techno momentum built up by Flax and Dave P, a Long Island DJ who got his start spinning for Long Island "teen clubs" like Industry and Navanti. You'd think that tells you all you need to know about him, but his Top-40-EDM-house -- including a bangin' remix of "Dreams" -- was as easily digestible and unremarkable as the People Magazine you read while in line at Duane Reade.

After an interstitial playlist of intermittently remixed Radiohead, Tame Impala, and Emeralds, Jaar came onstage with a "What's up, Brooklyn?" to cheers. Like the good crowned prince of Hipsterdom that he is, he appeased his subjects and won new followers with a well-timed mix of ambient samples, vintage visual displays, and that "bass sound." I was pleasantly surprised that his set has matured since I last saw him at the Music Hall in February. The first indication was a sample from Grizzly Bear's last album Shields, which Jaar stretched and pulled like skin over a skeleton of deep bass hits, unleashing the so-called drop for just less than enough time, leaving everyone hanging on his next move. He also pulled "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone out of his computer of tricks, pairing it with the tornado clip from Wizard of Oz. The audience ate it up until about 3:30, when he started to wind down and everyone felt the space between the beats in their aching eardrums and, tomorrow, their livers.

Random Notebook Dump: There are a shitload of models here.

Overheard: "Should I go get more shots?" Five minutes later: "Are you sure you don't want me to get more shots?" An hour later, at the bar: "Can I get five shots of Jack?"

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