Brooklyn's Fresh Daily Skipped CMJ This Year, Doesn't Drink Before Shows

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If you found this year's CMJ didn't seem quite as fresh as recent offerings, that might be due to the absence of Brooklyn hip-hop favorite Fresh Daily. Fortunately, New York's going to be getting their post-hurricane Freshness preserved with Fresh Daily shows on three consecutive nights. November 1-3 will see a Brooklyn mini-tour (at Glasslands, Public Assembly and FreeCandy) featuring Daily as well as some of his favorite Brooklyn-based and out-of-town talents. We spoke to Daily to find out why, for three nights, it'll be no sleep til' Brooklyn.

What made you decide to do shows on three consecutive nights in Brooklyn?I'm one of the last natives, someone actually from Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn is changing super rapidly, and I want hip-hop heads who are here, new and old who want to see me have three chances to do so in different ways. I'm doing a lil' something different at every show.

You've mentioned that a part of you doing these shows is because of your absense from CMJ. How come you weren't a part of CMJ this year?
Two reasons: after spending two weeks in California working on a group project and then two more weeks in Europe on tour, I didn't really have the time to get my CMJ shows set up. I also am working on a new album. In the mix and midst of all that work, I think CMJ took a backseat.

What are the benefits of doing three shows in Brooklyn in such rapid succession?I think personal adrenaline is one benefit, definitely. But, giving people a short burst of shows after CMJ that are dope, could be cool.

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The Glasslands Gallery

289 Kent Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Category: General

Public Assembly

70 N. 6th St., New York, NY

Category: Music

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