Can My Left Tit Make New York Laugh Again?

Astoria-based My Left Tit, purveyors of honest musical filth

It's a tough time for music with a sense of humor. An earnest wave of boring indie bands has just tried to ruin CMJ (like they do every year), their beards matted with their own knob-slobber and playing the kind of music that wins first prize in a dick-shrinking contest. Then Hurricane Sandy left a wave of devastation and loss that turned all pop
culture into a giant Sarah McLachlan tragedy montage.

But this city likes a laugh, and if you appreciate a good novelty joke band in these storm-shaken times, My Left Tit may be your speed.

The Astoria-based band of trashy ladies (and two token males) write solid dirty comedy songs, but with a dash of silly self-awareness that mixes charm in with the vulgarity. Songs like "I Found My Clit in Paris," "I Can't Stop Fucking My Ex-Boyfriend," and "Don't Apologize for That Queef (We're In the Moment)" show a lot of brains amidst the filth. Think a gestalt Louis C.K. with tits and keyboards, and you're not too far off.

These aren't musicians with the greatest range, but they rock pretty hard on "He Lost His Condom in My Puss (ABORT! ABORT!)," evoking a parallel universe where Le Tigre songs have lyrics written by Sarah Silverman. And they can pull off the occasional sweet ballad. "Sorry I Farted on Your Dick Last Night (I Was Sleeping)," for instance, sounds like a romantic evening of Jewel duetting with Lisa Lampanelli.

All nine members of My Left Tit anonymize themselves, playing characters with scatological back-stories. The full roster? Lord Blah Blah, Turkey Vulture Love Gangster (a.k.a. Mia Sodrunk), MC Biggles, Boozy McFloozerson, Bloody Knobb, Titty-Titty-Bang-Bang, Pussy Face, Queef Latina, and Regina Vagina. It's a veritable Wu-Tang of womb-inspired personas.

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Tammany Hall

152 Orchard St., New York, NY

Category: Music

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