Cheap Trick Want You To Want Them Tomorrow At MSG

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Then there's always a chance Trick will tackle a set list chosen by tour mate Steven Tyler, who favors "Heaven Tonight." "We have every song we've every done right there, so if we have to relearn something we can," assures Petersson. (For the record, there are 16 studio albums and six live records including the band's breakthrough, 1979's Cheap Trick at Budokan, which turns 35 next year.) As for the legendary Japanese concert album that thrust Cheap Trick into the ether with "Surrender" and "I Want You To Want Me," Petersson has a confession to make: "I don't even like live records. I don't know how the hell that even happened."

It happened because somehow teenage Japanese girls were the first to realize Trick are easily one of the best live bands in existence--thanks in part to Petersson's own invention: The 12-string bass. When he's onstage with chatty, cartoon-ish guitar god Rick Nielsen and one of his five-necked guitars, the pair have 42 strings between them. And they know how to use 'em. Dreamboat frontman Robin Zander has lost none of his soaring vocal ability, and though the lineup is currently sans heavy-hitting drummer Bun E. Carlos, Trick is still something to behold: Memorable, timeless, often poignant power-pop purveyed by three discrete yet incredibly cohesive players. Paired with Aerosmith, it's truly two of the best American rock bands in history on one stage. Leave early if you have to, but don't arrive late: Cheap Trick will take you to heaven.

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Madison Square Garden

Seventh Ave. & 32nd St., New York, NY

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