"Like Tumblr Times A Million": Chippy Nonstop on Her Summer in NYC

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What about the food in New York?
It's really good. I ate a lot of pizza and a lot of falafel and a lot of shawarma.

Where was your favorite place to eat in Bushwick?
I would literally only eat at one place in Bushwick across from where I was staying. It was like a ratchet falafel place. It wasn't anything extraordinary, it was just open really late.

Did you see anything weird while you were riding the subway?
Well on the BART train in San Francisco I see weird shit, but there was nothing weird in New York. The people on the train were pretty chill in New York, just regular. There was a lot of bums on the train.

Did you ever give the bums any money?
Yes. I would always buy those fruity pebble things, the Gummi Bears and stuff from the bums, or M&Ms.

So what can people expect if they come to your New York show
Just high energy. I think it's gonna be a good show 'cause we probably, all of us together, we probably have a bigger following in New York because everyone's more informed there. There's gonna be a lot of dancing!

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