Fuck A Critic: What's A Dog Think of New Releases From Meek Mill, Taylor Swift, Aerosmith, and More?

Taylor Swift, "Red"

No reaction to banjo-y opening. Chews at front left paw. Looks up briefly at :39 when big guitar chord introduces chorus. Goes back to chewing paw. Looks up again when electronic-tinged "Reh-eh-eh-redddd" vocals come in at :56. Looks over at me. Shakes head vigorously, as if attempting to dislodge something from her ears. Looks at speakers again. Looks around room. Runs over to plush dog ball, stares at it for a moment, grabs it between her teeth and runs over to speakers. Drops ball next to speakers a few seconds into guitar solo at 2:28. Looks around. Continues to shake head sporadically until end of song.

There you have it. The week's big winners: Meek Mill and Bat For Lashes! The rest, not so much. But we don't profess to know what really goes on in the mind of a pug, so feel free to draw your own conclusions!

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