Freelance Whales - Webster Hall - 11/7/12

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As they request to be told in the song "Generator (Second Floor)," Freelance Whales are equal parts "stunning and cadaverous." Their music, while filled to the brim by a unique selection of instruments and layered vocals, create a singular thread as fluid as the transitions between tracks and their movements on stage give an almost skeletal feel. In the end, the airiness of their sound never feels empty, and that's what makes Freelance Whales absolutely stunning.

Critical Bias: The band's name may or may not have been the inspiration for my Halloween costume...

Overheard: "Are you on iTunes?!" - inquired by a most likely inebriated audience member during the set for openers Geographer

Random Notebook Dump: Doris Cellar should sing lead on more songs and be my personal stylist.

Set List:
Land Features
Generator (Second Floor)
Follow Through
Spitting Image
Generator (First Floor)
Red Star
Locked Out
Winter Seeds
Dig Into Waves
Emergence Exit
Broken Horse
DNA Bank

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Location Info


Webster Hall

125 E. 11th St., New York, NY

Category: Music

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