Beliebers on One Direction: "They're Nothing"

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This morning on Today music's biggest deal One Direction played for their diehard fans, many of whom had camped out since Friday of last week to ensure they'd get a spot in the crowd. Across the river last night, music's other biggest deal, Justin Bieber, played Barclays. Reporter Brett Koshkin lives across the street from Barclays, and now the high-pitched screams of Beliebers soundtrack his nightmares, so constant they have been since noon yesterday. He ventured out to interview a few Beliebers for us . . . about One Direction. Their answers might very well lead to a pop music Benghazi , but we have no choice but to report them here. Apologies in advance when the blood Beliebers begin to fill our streets.

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From Koshkin:

In my many years as a journalist, I've worked in disaster zones and received a couple of death threats. But nothing has ever shaken me like the outbreak of Bieber fever I witnessed yesterday at the Barclays Center. Tweens towing along really bummed-out fathers began showing up in droves during the late morning, and you could hear the fever pitch shrills from a few blocks away. By 4 o'clock, young girls in full homemade Bieber regalia had completely blocked off both sidewalks, wholly hopped up on the off chance of spotting the Bieber move from bus to venue. It was, hands down, the absolute worst place an adult male with a tape recorder interested in not seeming creepy could spend the afternoon.

He's not kidding. To quote one of the girls in this short interview clip he sent along, "INTERVIEW US!!!":

On with it now --

Vincenza, 16, from Queens

Vincenza 16 from Queens560.jpg

How long have you been a Belieber?
Four years, ever since he came out. I love him so much. You don't even know.

So this is your first time to witness the Bieber live?

Actually, yes. It is.

Would you identify yourself as a Belieber?
Yes, I stalk him every day on Twitter. I love him so much.

So One Direction is playing Today . . .
No. No. No. No One Direction. Yeah, I don't like them.

But why not, One Direction is the new thing?
Yeah, don't get me wrong, they're attractive and all, but Justin Bieber . . . I've loved him for four years.

So Bieber is more attractive than all five members of One Direction combined?

If Justin Bieber and One Direction got into a fight, who would win?
Justin Bieber.

Would it be a clean fight or would Bieber use some dirty Canadian moves?
It wouldn't be clean. Bieber would use some dirty moves on them for sure.

If Bieber had a superpower, what would it be?
He could fly because you know he has wings in the beginning of the show.

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