Last Night 13,000 Norton Records Were Lovingly Washed and Saved By Adoring Fans of the Label


A sad disassembly line was organized with soggy, sealed vinyl spread out across the dance floor, cut open and then peeled away from their withered packaging like ripe bananas from oxidized skins. Then the world's largest kitchen staff -complete with yellow gloves, washed each and every record, laid them out to dry and finally, gave them all a fresh new sleeve.

A jovial scene emerged as volunteers bumped soapy elbows and danced in place while scrubbing away all that Sandy left behind. By 10pm, an estimated 6,000 records had been sudsed up and the Norton staff had to make a mad dash back to their Prospect Heights office to get more.

By evening's end, roughly 13,000 records had been salvaged, helping to get the rather unique label back at the helm for everyone to enjoy for years to come. Within time, Norton plans to print up new jackets for the saved wax and get them into music-lover's hands, where they can live out long lives and long spins on turntables across the globe.

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