The Least Likely Music Headlines of 2013

Categories: News Roundup

11. This week in the charts: Master P, Del Amitri dominate

12. NPR pans new Wilco release

13. Mark E. Smith in talks for lead in 50 Shades of Grey film

14. Springsteen on election: "Only 1,460 days till the Ron Paul revolution"

15. Stone Roses reunion tour fails to generate excitement in UK press

16. New Maroon 5 single stalls in Hot 100; A&M cites lukewarm reception from white listeners

17. "I shall grind no more forever," vows Jeezy

18. America's thirtysomethings figure out what the deal is with One Direction

19. Chad Kroeger/Avril Lavigne album shortlisted for Mercury Prize

20. turns down minor endorsement deal

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